Our Products and Services

Application Development
Magic Ruby apps deliver an immersive, synchronized experience unlike any other “over the top” app. From behind-the-scenes information to social media integration to multi-angle video, Magic Ruby presents its content in a seamless, user-friendly format that keeps viewers engaged. Our apps sync with any content source, viewed at any time, and information can be updated on demand. And best of all, Magic Ruby apps open up e-commerce, sponsorship and integrated advertising possibilities so that you retain the second screen revenue your content generates.
Content Management & Warehousing
Magic Ruby’s advanced Content Management System (CMS) handles second screen content from any source – whether data, audio, video, or interactive advertisement – and delivers it to the right screen at the right time to deepen audience engagement. Magic Ruby's content management system is a set of automated processes that support the following features: Import and secure management of media. Assignment of roles and responsibilities to different instances of content. Define workflow tasks. Publish the content based on date and time or campaign.
E-Commerce Fulfillment
Magic Ruby can not only create an in-app commerce portal to sell branded goods, we also handle back-end fulfillment – including product ordering, inventory management and delivery. No more overstock or out-of-stock issues – Magic Ruby manages all the risk so that you can focus on your core business.
Reporting & Analytics
TV ratings provide a metric on the number of viewers. Magic Ruby takes this one step further to provide the depth of engagement of your viewers – including in-app activity, such as click-throughs, social activity, viewer paterns and more – to provide you with greater audience insight than ever before.
User & Profile Database Management
Magic Ruby offers Content Owners and Distributors a unique opportunity to market to their consumers by offering a User & Profile Database Management service which is secure and adheres to strict privacy policies.
Digital Rights Management
Magic Ruby's second screen content Digita Rights Management system gives content owners and applications developers the ultimate control over every aspect of what people can do with their media.